Motivational Speaking

Lukas aims to inspire other young people to take on their own challenges.

What Lukas talks about

Through the tales of Lukas’ adventures, you will get a glimpse into what it took for Lukas to become the World Record holder as the youngest person to row any ocean solo and unassisted, as well as the holder of two world firsts, at the age, most people are typically finishing up school.

Lukas has delivered numerous speeches to corporate audiences, schools, clubs and events across America and Europe. His triple nationality means he is able to present in English, Italian and Austrian/ German to suit the needs of the audience.

His approach is tailored to inspire his audience in all aspects of their life; whether it be in dealing with difficult work dynamics, struggling students or seizing life with heightened enthusiasm. 

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Who Lukas Talks to

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Lukas has presented to global pharmaceutical and tech development companies. Inspiring teams to tackle challenges head-on and think outside the box with a motivational & storytelling talk.

Schools & Clubs

Lukas has progressed from being a struggling dyslexic student to a World Record holder at 18 years old to now studying an engineering degree at university. He is a relatable role model to all students to strive for more and realise their potential.

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Lukas’ endless charisma and contagious energy mean he can engage an audience from small children to mayors of cities (yes it’s happened!) leaving attendees with a smile on their face, sparkle in their eyes and newfound motivation for life. He has presented in official city meetings, sporting conferences, and book publishing events.

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